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Doubts with Routing Client / Run External Script node

Hi Experts, I need clarification on the below scenario. It might me silly but I am confused. Current Scenario: We are using 8.5 ICM version and UCCX. Call hits CUCM --> ICM -->Translation route to VRU --> play the prompt --> gets details --> Run Ex...

S N by Beginner
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UCCX 10.6 script abilities features

Looking to see if there is something not so much of feature list but list of scripts you can build in UCCX on how you can allow UCCX to perform such as being able to do callbacks, whisper functionality, geographical base routing, screen pops, CRM int...

RONA/Scripting Errors

So, when calling into this one script, sometimes, when the calls RONA's the call will loop and 1 call will turn into hundreds.  Out of my queue to skill ->(IF) call.requerystatus>0 -> (if) call.peripheralvariable10<3 , fail goes to release the call, ...

Resolved! CUIC users not Replicating in Member node in Version:10.5(1) build 1 (10_5_1_10000_7

Dear All,   We installed CUIC 10.5.1 Publisher and communicating with UCCE data source . Recently I installed one member and sync with CUIC first node .After sync we were able to get the real time reports from both the nodes . But I have created one ...