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Finesse desktop chat - search doesnt work

I'm having an issue with Directory search within the chat window on the finesse agents. UCCX version 12.5.1. The desktop chat is almost working - I can change the status, and if I have a contact added as a favourite - they come up in the search. However, if I search for users in general - it just keeps coming back with Refine search message. This is a lab environment, so the number of users in the lab isnt huge. I've configured 3rd party ldap server and settings on my CUP server and within Jabber client directory search works fine.

In the finesse local log I'm just seeing this:

Dec 08 2020 17:17:02.389 +0000: CallControl : [ClientServices] [I] - [A2ACHAT - UserSearch] - ldapsearchresult event triggered : {"searchText":"inarra","outputResult":{},"hasExceeded":true,"isEnabled":true}
Dec 08 2020 17:17:03.566 +0000: CallControl : [ClientServices] [ ComponentsUtil ] - Setting focus on element having id chat-icon
 Dec 08 2020 17:17:03.568 +0000: CallControl : [ClientServices] [I] - [A2ACHAT - SearchListeners] - Publishing on OpenAjax Hub Topic:[ON_CHAT_SEARCH_CLEAR]


actual chat messages are also working fine.

Any ideas?


I'm using the same LDAP svc account for integration in both CUCM and CUP , so i know the account is good - should have made that clear when I referenced jabber working correctly. 

I've used "cn" for Users, but "ou" when testing Demo Users - as one is setup as container and Demo Users was created as an OU.

i have restarted both services a couple of times.


I'll start looking through the logs and see if there is anything flags up there

This is just strange. May be you need to take a look at the logs. My own
LDAP account is one I use to log on to windows server that is administrator


Have you been able to resolve the issue?

No, but I'm going to rebuild the cup publisher in the new year and see if clean installs solves the issue perhaps

It is strange.I will wait till Jan to read the good news. I believe the
issue is between LDAP and imp.

Hi e-pudge,


Can you share experience to build the Finesses chat?. I'm having a demo lab included CUCM-CUP R12, and UCCX R12.5, using Jabber for windows as softphone. Jabber users can chat each other, Agent can log in Finesse, but server chat is unreachable. Certainly, Im using trial license 90days. 

Finesse desktop chat requires cucm 12.5 and IMP 12.5
Not cucm 12.0
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