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Getting distortion in wav file

Hello ,


We are running with UCCE 10.5, I am facing an strange issue that whenever we are putting a music file in script queue when no agent available to take the call that music will play. But I am getting distortion in that music file rest of other menu files are working file. I tried to replace the music file with other but no luck. which seems to be issue is only having with Music files.


This is happening when call is coming from PSTN, but when we are dialing the call interanally(CTI ROUTE POINT) the same music file sounds good and there is no issue.


Call Flow:



Can anyone please help?



Re: Getting distortion in wav file

Are the music files long in length? Perhaps they are too big to be cached and in pulling it across the network every time you're experiencing the distortion?


Re: Getting distortion in wav file



Thanks for your reply..


Its not too much lengthy file, its just 12 second music file.


Re: Getting distortion in wav file

The reason you are having no issues internally - it's utilizing a consistent codec with high bit rate traversing your internal network. However, once you start relying on external carriers, that consistency is lost. Human voice doesn't suffer nearly as much as music and other sounds do. G.729 specifically expects human voice and is able to compensate for low bit rate. 

You can research this issue on these forums as plenty of people have reported similar issues.

For example-


Re: Getting distortion in wav file

Hello Sean,


Thanks for your response.


This is UCCE environment not UCCX and the wav file properties is correct and when I say CTI ROUTE point in that case also prompt is not plying from CUCM it is fetching prompt from CVP Media server.


please suggest..


Re: Getting distortion in wav file

It doesn't matter if the file is playing on UCCE, UCCX, Unity, so on so forth..

It comes to down to the same couple things: WAV file optimization, Codecs, and other external forces.


If you were having the same issues internally, I would agree. But in this case, we have to realizes the MOH is MOH regardless of which platform. 


Re: Getting distortion in wav file

When you say the other external forces, are you pointing towards the
Service Provider??

Re: Getting distortion in wav file

Yes.. however I'm not sure you'll be able to do anything about it. 

Music on hold for external calls is an issue that plagues a large portion of the industry. 


Re: Getting distortion in wav file

You said, you have other announcements working fine and having problem with this specific announcement? is that true?

when you replaced this announcement with new file did you also cleared or reloaded the vxml gateway cache with the new file?


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