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Help registering from OAMP


Hi, I'm brand new to Context Services, just want to learn it for the CVPD Call Studio Training Class.

I was provided with a context services account and can log into Spark with my work email address and pwd.

But when I log into OAMP as Administrator and try to register Context Services with that same work email and pwd, I get the error in the screenshot below with the message  "Reg'n Failed. Access forbidden for non admin user ... User must be admin or entitled to squared-fusion-mgmt:management scope."

I have an Context Services Admin User name  But I don't see how/where to associate that Admin user with OAMP or Context Services.



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Hi Janine, it won't be in the CCE/CVP apps, it's in the Spark config itself.  The registering user account has to have full admin privileges to register which of course you already pointed that out in the error message :-)

"Someone" who set up your account has to grant that right.  You might be able to grant it to yourself, not sure.  You can go to and login with the account and password.  Click "Account", click on your account then click the pencil Edit button.   You'll see what rights your user has, here is what my user account has and notice I can change it so doubt you will be able to but worth a try.


Hi Bill,

When I go to and enter my email and

password, I get an error message that "I'm not authorized to view that

page" - so do I need to contact cisco about this, since I'm the only

one on this account?

When I got the original account from the product manager Vikram, it

contained the following Admin user name. I assume I have to log in as

that user name. But, it won't let me log in using that Admin user as my

email address - so this seems to be a catch 22. Any ideas?

/Here is your account://

//Admin: //


/Pwd: blah //

//Organization ID: blah blah blah/

I 'can' log into - is there any thing I can do from there

regarding priveleges or admin?


Getting you help, stay tuned …