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How get total call count specific to a Skill group?


How would I go about getting call count from SQL without using call types over a duration of let's say a few months time?  I know that Skill_Group_Interval table or something like that has this information but not throughout the whole duration of the month.. when I do a count it is just counting the rows (records) not the value of those fields.  Also, the documentation isn't very clear to me on RouterCallsQNow and CallsOffered and such... What should I be looking at if I wanted to just get an accurate count of all calls that queued to a specific skill group over a few months time, and out of how many of those where queued, dropped, or whatever? 


Any help is much appreciated!

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You didn't say which version, but the schema is your friend, it gives you all of the columns that are available and to set up a simply sum of the columns like Handled or Offered should give you what you need.

thanks! true but I have looked and looked through the schema ... and well it doesn't explain to me what the fields actually are... for instance ... the 10.0 schema just says this for table Call_Type_Half_Hour

, "


The total number of calls of this call type offered during the half-hour interval.

" that doesn't tell me what offered means.


Then they have, "


Number of calls of this type that have been routed during the half-hour interval.

" which again doesn't explain what routed actually means.


Then for the table Skill_Group_Half_Hour it has two different fields for CallsQueued.  They are;

, "


The number of calls queued to this skill group by the ACD in the current half-hour interval.

In Unified CCE with an IPCC System PG, this field is applicable and is updated when a call is queued to the skill group.

Note    Not applicable for Unified CCE without an IPCC System PG and is not updated.

For consistent values, in Unified CCE regardless of whether or not there is an IPCC System PG, use RouterQueueCallsToHalf.

", and "


Number of calls queued to the group by the CallRouter during the half-hour interval. This field is set by the CallRouter.


What is technically the difference? Why when I run my query I get sometimes get values in both, one or the other? Just very confusing to me... Also thanks for that tip on the sum ... :)

Ya it goes over some of it but it's for 11.5 which we are going to 11.6 and there are some quite significant changes between them.  However,  I have what I need to get my reports ... the only way I found this out was to actually test it. 

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