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How to define media files in 1 place


Currently our media files are set to the default "app". in the ICM script I am specifying what .wav file I need on the media server by using "FOLDERNAME/prompt01.wav".  What I would like to do is define this in the script on ICM. This way I only need to define the folder name 1 time and ICM will look for WAV files in the specified folder.

Any file in our defualt "app" on CVP will play the specified file. What I did is create a folder underneath "app" app/Foldername/wavfile.

All I want to do is define the FOLDERNAME one time on the ICM script, this way if the folder name changes, all I have to do is change it in one location.

Running ICM 10.5.2

I think the play audio CVP app has a base folder location of /app



"application=PlayAudio;audio=DSSSNAP8051/prompt0003.wav"  To sum up, this is where our media files are defined in CVP. App/DSSSNAP8051 and the ICM script reflects it. Instead of adding this logic to every media file, cant I just define this location one in ICM before I start in with the media files?

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