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How to Reset Agent Password Via Finesse Admin APIs

Hello all !!

I want to reset the cisco finesse agent password using Finesse Admin Rest API in Java.

Can anyone please help on this issue?

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Gerry O'Rourke
Rising star
Rising star

Is this for CCE or CCX?
You cannot reset a password via the Finesse Admin API.
in CCE you can use the Agent API - to update the agents password.




Hi Gerry,

Is this API for AW Server or HDS Server?


This API web server is usually the AW-HDS-DDS Server - of which there are two (A and B side).

I am using my AW-HDS-DDS Server IP but not getting any response.
Can you please tell do I need to perform any configuration for calling this API?

Are you able to browse to the Web Server on the server from your machine?

If so you should be able to access the API

Note - if using the IP address and not the FQDN you will get a cert error - but your API app can ignore cert errors if you want it to.

If not - check if there is any firewall between your machine and the server and maybe see if disabling firewall on the server itself corrects the issue (then re-enable and update config to allow)?

The specific CCE API request below doesn't require auth - so useful to testing connectivity and making sure you API Web server is working.




Hi Gerry !!

Is there any API or any other thing for checking the server side configuration?

Or any configuration or port required for calling this https://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/deployment API.

I am unable to get any response after calling the API with server IP.




Have you tried the things I have recommended?

The API must be available - otherwise you Supervisors would not be able to log in to the CCE Admin GUI on the same server to do reskilling or your administrator would not be able to log into the CCE Admin GUI to configure certains aspects of the CCE Contact Centre.

I would discuss with your CCE Administrator - likely something simple here like incorrect hostname / IP address, a network / routing from your PC or a Firewall issue.

The below URL work for you on the CCE server (HTTPS is TCP port 443)


You can also browse using your browser to the CCE Admin GUI on the same server


If above doesn't work - the API won't work - but if above doesn't work - like I said something incorrect with your environment or the hostname / IP address is incorrect.





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