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Hunt Group reporting

are there reports that can be generated by the end user for Hunt Groups similar to Historical Reporting in UCCX?


Hi bonnieallard,

did you ever get an answer to this question. I have the challenge to give the customers admin some basic reports like which phone is logged in at the moment. The reports can be designed "quick and dirty" and are for technical use only to get a overview if the users are using the huntgroups.

Best regards


This is exactly what I need to know how to do as well m.ranger. If you figured it out please let me know.

Using CDRs (so not real time) you can track the number and length of the calls handled by hunt group members.

There is a service parameter that affects hunt groups and CDRs, and its default is only the hunt pilot shows in the CDRs.

If you change the “Show Line Group Member DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR Field” in CM service parameters, I was told you can report on the hunt group member that handled the call.

But this requires something to digest the CDR records (like a billing system partner like ISI or Control Systems)


Please have a look at advanced and full reporting Billy Blue's 4 product:

This is a product on Cisco GPL able to provide reporting for hung groups, extensions, etc..


Christian Bongiovanni

coCEO and CTO

Imagicle SpA

In UC 9.0 beta training slides, it stated that CDR would have records data for native call queuing. 

Queue flag – indicates the call was queued

Queue time – cumulative queue time prior to call answered

The word "queue" does not show up anywhere in the CAR admin guide.   Is a third party reporting package required to get at this data?  Seems like this should be included in the Hunt Pilot Summary or Details reports.

Cisco Employee

There are no historical reports outside the CDR records for call queued and queue time.  Cisco has made it clear that Native Queuing is not meant to replace skills based routing or anything beyond login/logout call distribution.  This goes for the reporting too.  If your business requires additional hunt pilot statistics to be used for resource planning, then you will need to look at Contact Center Express or other product to server your needs.  Native Queuing was not desigend to provide overlap with features in our other contact center focused products.


Dan Keller

Technical Marketing Engineer

Can we get screen shots updated in the cdr guides as per our last interaction. That thread has been deleted by the owner

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