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ICD3.0 - Whisper to Agent before call is connected

ICD3.0 - Has anyone developed a way to first accept a call and retrieve the DNIS they dialed and based on the DNIS, play a prompt to the Agent answering the phone before the caller is connected?

In traditional call centers / PBXs this is often referred to as a whisper.



the only way I've got this working is to do an If statement on the ResourceID.

So you have Select Resource\Selected:

If ResourceID == agent1 (where agent1 is a string with the agent ID) then:

True: SET agentXtn (where agentXtn is a string with the Agents DN) = agent1

Goto place call step,

Place Call Step to agentXtn, terminate contact.

False: have another If for the next agent & so on until the last agent which goes straight to connect.

You could have the agentID & Xtn strings set as parameters so that you could change them 'on the fly' and not have to reload the scripts all the time.

It's not the prettiest I guess especially if you have lots of agents, but I can't figure a slicker way of doing it. It also places another call so it's doubling up the number of calls processed by CCM & you'd have to take into consideration the 'whisper' call for reporting purpose.

I hope this helps.


Attached is the AgentWhisper.aef script. It is the original one I posted way back. Anyway, d1nnsear is correct on the caveats but here it is none the less.

andy - berbee

I know this is an old post, but I am trying to get whisper announcement played to agent so they know what queue the call is coming from.  I can get the agents extension from the Get user info, but I cannot place a call to that extension.  My agent is showing reserved and I have no connect in the Select resource step.  I am not getting any errors on the script so I am not sure why it is failing.

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