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IPCCX 4.0(4) - Removing ex-agents from historical reporting



anyone know how i remove agents who have left the organisation from appearing in historical reporting?

For example say i am running an agent detail report sorted by agent name with the agent name as the filter parameter. At the moment all agents who have ever worked in the call centre appear as available parameters (which makes sense seeing it is historical reporting!!) however the call centre supervisors want to know if we can remove the agents who no longer work at the call centre and have otherwise been deleted from the system.



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When you delete a user in UC Manager, or remove the IPCC Extension from a user, the user becomes 'inactive' within UCCX. On the RMCM > Resources page of CRS Administration you will have an Inactive Agents link. Clicking it will open a window allowing you to delete the user from the database. Be advised that this could affect some reports where that resource counted toward a larger group such as a team.

Some reports may also allow you to filter what resources appear on the report at run time. You could alternatively deselect the inactive resources.

I always cleanup the inactive agent from the Inactive Agents page as part of my process when i delete a user, however, this does not remove them from historical reporting which i assume is because you may still want to run reports against that historical information.

The supervisors find it frustrating as there are at least 30 agents who have left the call centre and they do want to have to manually deselect those 30 agents everytime that still appear.

Did you ever figure out this issue?

nope ... TAC told me you could not do this as it would mess up the historical reporting.

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