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CCM LDAP Server information

Hi, I have successfully installed IPCCE co-resident with CCM4 but when running the initial setup and after entering the LDAP server info, I don't see anything come up in the user management page. I assume that I am not entering the correct LDAP info....

UCCX 5.0.2 HA failing to backup

Hi guys,I'm trying to backup the contact center locally to a shared folder.Here is the error I am receiving: ArchivingFailureEvent id=440, archiveId=CRS_1225203302475_, errorCode=ARCHIVE_CREATION_ERROR, statusMessage=tar failed with error code: 2, cm...

Softphone issue

Hi,There is one issue we are facing with softphone, we are getting an error in softphone "Server Failure: Unable to logon. A timeout limit was exceded".Will you plz help us on this issue ? From our side we have swaped the IP Phone but issue is still ...

IPCC databases not in sync

For more than 8 hours, we needed to keep the IPCC side B completely down due to power issue. After bringing up the side B, we have now found that the databases of both sides are not in sync. How to bring those databses in sync? Is there any link avai...

K_require by Beginner
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Resolved! Customised reports for IPCC Express 5.0.2

Hi,We have IPCC Express server 5.0.2.Our Service Desk Manager is using Historical reports and is not happy with the available reports.He wants some customized reports.For example, he wants a report showing the % of calls abandoned in : < 30 secs, >30...

araffill by Beginner
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Testing SRV records in DNS for SIP with CVP 4.0

I have configured the SRV records for two Proxy servers in DNS. It's all working and when the primary CUPS is down, the secondary is used. When both are up, I don't think my priorities are working.I have both udp and tcp records configured and they s...

geoff by Advocate
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IPCC Express recovery

Hi, I am having a IPCC Express setup and have lost the username/password to login into Appadmin login page. Can anyone tell me the password recovery procedure for this one ? Thanks, Pete

dumble4me by Beginner
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Web View Login

I am not able to login in Webview. I have the ICM 7.0. I can see the user in Active Directory. I am trying to login via domain But I am getting invalid username and password error.Please tell me how to login in Webview.

CVP Java Script

So I am still a little new to CVP Studio so bear with me. In IPIVR you can call Java functions like String.substring(0,3) and it will return the first 3 characters of the string. How would you accomplish this in CVP Studio?