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Is it possible to requeue a call?

Hello, I would need some fresh ideas about this issue...

I am configuring a new UCCX 8.5.1 installation. My client is requesting me the following behaviour, which I think breaks ACD rules. But it has to work this way.

When a new call arrives it has to be answered by an agent, it doesn´t matter if it is busy or not. If the agent is busy, he will place the current call on hold, say to the new caller "Hello, please wait a minute", and then place the new call on a queue and continue talking with the old one.

The new call on the queue will follow then the normal behaviour, and will be transferred when there is any agent available.

How could I implement this? This is my idea:

The call would enter an application, that would transfer the call to a hunt group configured with the agent extensions... the agent then would answer the call and transfer it to another route point that would queue the call. I am going to test this, but I would like to know if there is a better way to implement what I need.

Thank you,


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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Hector

this requirement doesnt seem to be reasonable because the idea of queuing is to reduce the human over load and let the caller wait in the queue

why you let a person to take a call and tell the caller wait then place the caller in the queue again while you can have a recorded msg tell the caller for example thank you for calling you call will be answered shortly and you can have an option to let the caller to leave voice mail and to be called back by telling the caller if you want to leave a msg press 1 otherwise stay in the line

this is the standard and better way of contact center

technically you can not put a call on hold by and agent for a contact center call and receive another one because in UCCX each agent can have one contact center line and the UCCX track that line if its busy or not


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Your idea would work, but it would be horrible if I was the first customer talking to the agent and the agent kept asking me hold.  I would strongly suggest to the customer that this is poor customer service and causes unnecessary stress on the agents as well creating a longer queue for customers.