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Issues while Running UCCX Scripts using Custom Objects after Uploading JAR file

We are working on UCCX 11.0. after writing the script when we upload it on the UCCX server, it doesn't run, we get error prompt either. In the script we are using custom objects and we have uploaded a JAR file on UCCX server.

In Cisco Unified UCCX Serviceability, ''Cisco Unified CCX Engine =>> Application Manager" service being shown as "Partial Service". But when we unload JAR file it turns back into "IN SERVICE" state. Which mean there is something wrong with JAR.


Please consider the following updates:

  • JAR uploading process has been thoroughly followed
  • When we upload some other simple JAR file it works fine
  • We tried many times by restarting services (Engine and Administrator) and even also by restarting the whole box


We are unable to find out why our JAR file is not working in CCX server while I can access its custom objects in the Unified CCX Editor. Apparently, Everything seems fine with JAR file as we tested it separately as well.  We looked into the logs and found this:


16755: Dec 06 18:13:35.490 PKT failed to load script; nested exception is:

16756: Dec 06 18:13:35.491 PKT %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION: Failed to load script: play_prompt1.aef; nested exception is:

16757: Dec 06 18:13:35.491 PKT %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION: invalid type code: 04; unable to load expression; ensure all custom classes are available; nested exception is:

16758: Dec 06 18:13:35.491 PKT %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-EXCEPTION: invalid type code: 04


Can anyone please explain that what's wrong going on? How may I troubleshoot the issue? thanks


Re: Issues while Running UCCX Scripts using Custom Objects after Uploading JAR file

You need to check that your JAR files are compiled exactly for the version supported by UCCX. It can be found on compatibility page, for uccx 11 it is 1.7.

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