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Logger to logger automatic synchronization time threshold - UCCE

Mr Brightside
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Hi there,

I have always remembered that if a logger was down less than 12 hours then it would automatically sync itself to the other side when brought up, but if the downtime was more than 12 hours that's when you need to manually sync DB from up-to-date logger to the one that was down. Now does it still stand true for the current UCCE versions? Such as 11.6 or 12.x?

Does anybody know?


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Hi, if it isn't too long, you should be OK, but if it were more than a weekend, you may have to do it manually. The Cisco documentation now only says that if it were longer than the 14 day standard retention period would you have to do it manually.

I don't know where the 12 hours came from, you might be thinking 12 days which is closer to what is standard (14 days) as @bill.king1 mentioned. You can use ICMDBA utility to see how far out of sync databases are and then act accordingly.



LOL, of course we're all right, there's a Cisco defect that deals with this.

Ha, good find!



Mr Brightside
Level 1
Level 1

lol so what's the "safe" down time period for Logger A to auto-sync with Logger B for v11.6 upwards for historical data ? 14 days?


"safe?" couple minutes. 

possible with fingers crossed, a blessing by the representative of a deity of your choosing, 3 four leaf clovers and the birthday wish of a 4 year old - it would be whatever the minimum number of days in your retention settings across both servers. 

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