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Migration of Router, Logger and HDS from one datacenter to other

Hello Guys,


I want to move my cisco ICM is managed by Service provider from his network. now i want to build my own ICM with in the network. how to perform this activity with minimum loss of data.


Note:- I am going to use new VM and IP Address and Hostname.


How can i retain same database from the existing production system to new servers.

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Kartik Bhatia

migrate db to a same verison ICM? or different version?

I think since you want to migrate db to your own ICM, to start with you can build ICM Rogger is an isolated network with the same hostname and IP.

Take a SQL db backup froom prod and restore on new isolated ICM. Then you can add pgs/aws, upgrade, change hostname, IP etc.


Kartik Bhatia

Hi Kartik,



i am moving on to a same icm version.

is there any possibility to build the server with new IP and hostname and restore the SQL DB backup.



yes that is also possible, check out the upgrade guide for ICM and you will get the would need to use EDMT tool i guess.





EDMT works if you are upgrading and it needs connectivity to prod server, so it migrates the data over the network from one version to a higher version.

Since you dont want to change the version and copy data to a different setup with different hostname/IP - such requirements are not documented. I tried it once - however I used same hostname / IP on the new system and it owrked fine.

You have nothing to loose - you can try a diff hostname/ip and copy the DB - either it will work or not, if it doesnt do it again with same hostname/IP and then follow ICM hostname/IP change process.


Shiva Shivaraju

Hi Pradha,


I read through your questions and realized this is exactly what we are trying to do in our UCCE set up on 10.5.2.

It looks like you have accomplished this task seamlessly. I request you kindly to share your experience with us or any best practices you may have prepared.

All your help will be highly appreciated.






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