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On demand call recording on QM server with CUCM

Saima Harris

Hi ,

I have a customer who wants to enable on-demand call recording on QM server .

Is there a plugin that needs to be installed on Cisco side to make it happen .

QM Server

Calabrio Call Recording:

Calabrio Quality Management:

Call Manager 9.1.1

UCCX 9.0.2

or any infomation regarding that would be helpful

Thank you

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is something I have not done before, but I recall seeing the feature for IP Phones.  It was an IP Phone Service which showed a menu for starting and stopping recordings for workers without a PC.

On the QM 9.0 Data sheet, the feature is mentioned in the following bullet point:

- The ability to control recording for manual start,  pause, and add metadata through Cisco Agent Desktop or Calabrio recording control browser or IP phone applications


I'm looking for the documentation to configure this feature.  Unfortunately, Calabrio has their own documentation and support site @ which only Cisco partners can access (something I am not).  The answer may reside there.  I'll post back if I find the IP Phone Service URL to use.

Anthony Holloway

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