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Ordering in CUIC Reports


We have been testing custom reports in CUIC to report on UCCX call stats. Daily reports seem to be working fine giving accurate information and we can sort by date ascending in the reporting front end without any issues.

The problem is we are trying to create time interval based reports. I am able to pull the data I need but any 'Order By' clause seems to be ignored and the only way this report will be useful is if we can have a multi level sort to first sort by hour and then intervals of 10 mins which the front end doesn't support as you can only sort 1 column at a time.

As a test I tried to make this as simple as possible:


contactcalldetail.sessionID  as Testing



ORDER  BY Testing

In the above example the output list of session IDs is not ordered. I have tried to cast the session ID into different formats thinking it could be a strange data type that doesn't sort but nothing I do seems to let me sort the output. Has anyone had similar issues?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi William,

Can you please let me know what version of CUIC/UCCX is being used here?

Vikram G

Hi Vikram

UCCX 11.5

CUIC 11.5

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