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Outbound Automated Dialer assistance.

Brendan White

Hi Everyone,

  Another question - and before I begin, I'm completely new to UCCX, so please excuse my ignorance.

  How does the outbound campaign feature work? Does the campaign itself dial the contacts in it's imported contact list - then execute the application script, or does it script itself need a 'place call' javabean inside it? And would it be the 'phone1' variable which is passed to the script - which is to be dialed?

  Another question - If I have 10 outbound ports, would the campaign use all 10 ports on it's own, or would I need to trigger the application 10 times? Would the application script require a loop to go through all the contacts?

  I can't find any good documentation online about how the outbound feature works. Any assistance would be helpful!

Thanks everyone,


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Gabriel Saavedra
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Brendan,

Read the design guide ( ). A little summary about the two outbound options in page 30, and in page 50 you can read more about this topic.


Abhiram Kramadhati
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Brendan,

The outbound dialler works like this:

--You can set the the % of agents to be ready before the campaign to run

--You can specify the time when the campaign should run.

When both the conditions are matched, the outbound subsystem starts this campaign.

The contact (Phone1) number is taken fromt he contacts initiated, then the New Call event is created. Now the call is presented to the Agent as well (From the CSQ assigned to the campaign).

The monment he accepts it, the call is placed to the customer (external) and the call is bridged to the agent.


Abhiram Kramadhati

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