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Priority Queues

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Level 1

Hi everyone,

I have configured 3 CSQ with skills, I want that agents handled one of them queues before other. I figured out that i can get this with set priority but the information about this, it says:

Use the Set Priority step to assign a call higher or lower priority in a queue.

I can understand that i only modified priority inside one queue and what i want to reach is to

prioritize queues, not calls. How can I get this?

Thanks in advance.

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Michael Turnbow
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Juan,

You can prioritize calls, as you state.  You can not really set a priority on the CSQ's as I think you are intending to do.  As I understand your question you are trying to do something like the following:

Priority Queue Pri_CSQ:

  - All agents part of this queue

  - Calls to this queue get routed by agents first before the other queues

Lower Priority Queue Low_CSQ:

  - All agents part of this queue

  - Calls to this queue get routed to agents with lower priority than the priority queue

So the problem with this model is that the CSQ's are separate from each other and they don't communicate on call priority between them. 

So in this example, lets say that you have a call waiting in Low_CSQ for a resource.  That call is waiting for some time and a call comes into the Pri_CSQ.  You can set the priority of the call higher but that will not take precidence over the call waiting in the Low_CSQ.  The call waiting in the Low_CSQ will get answered first.  There is no way around this with different CSQ's.

Hope this is helpful.


I appreciate your comments.  I understood your explanation about priority calls. This helped me.


what Michael mentioned is correct

however you can try this way and let me know if dose work

i am assuming you are using skill based routing


CSQ Pri_Q 

high skill serviced first

set agent1 skill in this CSQ to 10


high skill serviced first

set agent1 skill to 5

then try to to put a call in Low_Q then after that put another call to the Pri_Q the make agent1 ready and see which one answered first

good luck


if helpful Rate


about your example:

skills base routing don´t let that you can prioritize calls, this config only helps to put calls of one queue, first at all "expert" agents and then beginner ones.

I appreciate your comments.

Hiyes that is correct, not sure if you tried it

becuase what i am thinking here is you have smae agent part of two diffrent queues that used skill based and this agent has higher skill in one queue over the other then the call migh be routed to the queue with higher skills of tht agent always first !