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A new site Install consists of majorly 3 steps1. Adding the PG configuration in PG Explorer2. Run the Router setup to enable DMP3. Run ICM setup in PGHowever I wanted to check in Step 1 and Step 2 interchangeable ?What is the recommended flow and wha...

Hi,Actually i'm recieving a call on CVP, the menu is played correctly and when the user dials 1 or 2 the call is routed to the correct option.The issue is that when customer  does not dial any option the call is dropped. do you know if there is  any ...

I am trying to do CTIOS based Silent Monitoring with IP hardphones-I have done the confifs,when I try to start monitoring the agent I get error-"Voice transmitter is not installed properly in the targeted agent"Before this I got an error-"The worksta...

anusuya984 by Beginner
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I'm looking for good documentation on the Data and Time Functions in ICM scripts The Scripting and Media Routing Guide lacks good examples and is missing information. The information using the built-in help feature of the ICM Script Editor is actuall...

jcvanwyng by Beginner
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Hello GuysI need one information. may be it could be the registry getting of Dialer. But I am not sure.If  customer does not answer and  voice mail, they that call will treat as  CLOSED call and no need to come back in the dialer.But others call will...

Hi,I'm working on a implementation of CPV with PCCE. At the moment i have set the configuration of CVP PSTN Gateway to recieve calls from PSTN and calls are working normally. call get routed to CVP and then to ICM and finally to the agent. The proble...