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Reserve state an no call


So we have a situation when a call is routed to an agent, and the agent is put in a "reserved state" (via Cisco Agent Desktop), for approximately 30 seconds.  Seems the agent is frozen in that state, before they can receive another call.  After the 30 sec timer, another call comes in.  But during this 30 sec interval they can not receive a call.  This is intermittent across our Network (PGs, Networks,e tc...) and is not specific to any one type of agent.


Any thoughts?

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Vaijanath Sonvane
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VIP Advocate

You may be hitting software bug CSCvf72231.


Outbound agent stuck in RESERVED state with no dialer outbound calls.
Occurs in failure case where Dialer doesn't release the SIP port properly.
Clear Agent reservation call manually from Agent desktop.

Known Affected Releases:
Known Fixed Releases:
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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

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This could be tied to many things, but is there any commonality as far as the calls themselves not being able to be routed to the agent's phone? Like they're from the same gateway, this happens at the same time of day (perhaps network issue), etc.?

Also, is this just for agents who take inbound calls?

Do the calls who wind up ultimately getting the call after it bounced from agent 1, are they in a different location/are set up differently/different type of phone?

You may find it helpful to mark those calls so that you can start seeing if there's a pattern to them.

Bill thank you so much for responding.

Vaijanath, these are inbound calls from our IVR Platform to ICM to CAD (agent)


Nothing common about the calls as it happens all day long but does seem to be worse during peak call times, which is approximately afternoons

Network links and devices ruled out.

Other contact centers are not affected.

Only affecting CAD agents in the US. (not LAC or Canada, who are on the same UCCE platform).

Agents report these are new calls.  Do not seem to be transfers and CVP logs show transfers from IVR platform.


The PGs may be configured differently but all the agents are on the same phone set up and version.  


That is why this seems strange.  It has just started being reported by our agents, not sure how long it may have been occurring already.  But is not specific a certain type of call or agent or location.  

When agent becomes reserved and did not get call, what is the reason code do you see, is it 50010 or something else. 

As the call is not being presented to a reserved agent, you should look at network path between agent phone and ingress gateway.  As it is happening to multiple agents, you can try running wireshark on some agents to capture more details about such call instances.

We had similar issue in our environment and it ended up being a network related issue.

In addition to looking at the RONA code like was mentioned, you might want to route the calls differently so that when they get to another agent and are answered, that you can get more detail about them, investigate, etc.

Thank you all for your assistance.  I believe we have narrowed this down to an issue within our infrastructure (SIP messaging/reinvite issue).  TY

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