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Routing by Skill Question


Can 1 CSQ have multiple skills? How do I route these skills in the script? For example I have one queue, but when these level 1 skillset of agents get to busy I need the caller to roll to the level 2 skillset of agents.

Which takes me back to my original question, do I need to have multiple CSQ's for different groups of agents, from a scripting perspective?


Re: Routing by Skill Question

Yes a CSQ can have multiple skills. You will want to read the documentation of the Selection Criteria carefully when adding multiple skills to ensure you get the behavior you want.

Administration Guide for Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR, Release 7.0(1)

Scripts know nothing about Skills, only CSQs.

You can accomplish what you want either way:

a) Add all of the agents to the skill. Set your first tier of agents to be "more skilled" (higher number) than the second tier. Use Most Skilled on the CSQ. Each contact arriving will attempt the longest waiting tier one agent. When it has exhausted all available agents at that skill level, it will proceed to the next lower level.

b) Create separate skills and CSQs. Modify the script to queue the contact into both CSQs after a threshold of your choosing (i.e. after one minute, if X calls are in queue, etc). You can queue a contact into up to 25 CSQs simultaneously by nesting additional Select Resource step(s) within the Queued branch.


Re: Routing by Skill Question


Thanks for the input, this makes perfect sense. This is what I had thought but couldn't remember, haven't touched UCCX in a while.

Thanks again!


Re: Routing by Skill Question


If an agent is part of two Skill groups in whihc one skill group has a higher priority than the other one. Also these skill group are on individual ICM Scripts, then will the calls on either ICM scripts treated? On the basis on LAA or on priority.

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