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Sharing Reports CUIC

Should users of the same group be able to create a report and have that report be viewable/visible by other users... essentially sharing the report. I am using 10.5 and have noticed that when a user other than an administrator cannot create a report that is visible by other users. Additionally, the check boxes when creating or saving the reports are greyed out for "My Group" and "All Users".  Can sharing only be achieved by creating a dashboard and sharing the link or by scheduling?

Jameson Gagnepain
Rising star

Are your custom Groups members of the "AllUsers" group? That may help.

Users of any Group with access to create Reports should be able to create them as visible by just their group or by all users.



Thanks Jameson,

They are a part of the All Users group but within their individual department groups as well. When I run as anyone of their users, the check boxes for "My Group" and "All Users" are greyed out and their is no option to allow others to execute or to write. Once the report ends up saved the only users that can access the reports are the creating user or the administrator.

I have looked at dcloud its the same for the users there.

Hi all,

Did you manage to find a way to do it? I'm looking for something similar where (for example) User A can only run Skill Group reports on Skill Group 1-3 while User B can only run Skill Group reports on Skill Group 4-6

Can this be done on the out of box report or a custom report will need to be created?




In order to limit visibility to Skills 1-3, 4-6, etc., you will need to create each set of Skill Groups as a separate Collection. Then, make copies of each Report Definition and set the Collection used on each. Then, you will need your Report(s) for each Report Definition. Set permissions on each Collection, Definition, and Report appropriately.

It's very bulky to set up, but as far as I know it's the only way to get what you're looking for within CUIC.




Jameson i am facing the same issue can u please elaborate all the steps involved.

you can share here or at my email my company is acting as vendor and need to have customize report for every customer where one customer can only see there own report and pre selected relevant skillgroups.

against there specific that data integrity is maintained.




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