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Hello, We are trying to use the VXML email element on CVP 8.5, Call Studio 8.5. Here are the steps that are followed in order to configure a JNDI data source 1.       mail.jar and activation.jar are copied  to Tomcat\common\lib2.       <ResourceLink...

isilo0001 by Level 1
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We're considering using Cisco Finesse to handle our E-mails. We currently forward a large number of the e-mails to other addresses in the organization - but after looking through the documentation I cant see a way to achieve this with Finesse - I can...

I am trying to create a report that will show the digits dialed to transfer out a call. I get the counts from Agent_Skill_Group_Interval using TransferredOutCalls and am able to then look and match call counts to the TCD table. But the DigitsDialed a...

mjgorman2 by Level 1
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Hi All,Can somebody please enlighten me on how I will get the total calls offered per agent per day using the Termination Call Detail Table. I was able to use the Variable1 as Line then look for the concerned variable. The result however is always di...

Hi I am trying to create a new report similar to the stock Agent Call Summary Report.Rather than reinvent the wheel we would like to reuse the SQL code in the  sp_agent_summary stored procedure. But we can't see this in the informix database.Can some...

Has anyone done research or investigation on whether Finesse works with Microsoft Terminal Services? It is not currently supported, but looking to see if it would work as a starting point.

agreenwa by Cisco Employee
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Hello,I'm looking for a way using the REST API in a UCCX script to find out what Team an agent is assigned to. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, could someone please provide sample configuration that could be used to capture this? Thank yo...

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