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Skill Group Node with Select Node in front vs. Queue to Skill Group Node in UCCE 10.0

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So a few questions here. I've searched the internet for documentation on this and I cannot find anywhere for my specified version of Unified ICM 10.0.  1st question is when using the Select node to find the Longest Available Agent and then going to the Skill Group node does the call actually ever technically queue? 2nd Question is when using the Queue to Skill Group node does the call ever actually queue if the call never leaves that node?  (i.e. an available agents answers the phone.) Finally, last question,  why use the one method vs the other method?  Are there any differences between these?



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The all server different purposes. Some are only for when agents are available, and some are used for when agents are available as well as if they're not. You can often just use a Queue to node and be done with it.