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Strange Script Error ( is not supported)



I changed the aa.aef script (included in the CRS) as follow:


Accept(--Triggering Contact)

PlayPrompt (--Triggering Contact, welcomePrompt)

callContact = PlaceCall(to "4041)

[successful branch]

PlayPrompt (callContact, welcomePrompt)

I debug the script in reactive mode and execute it step by step.

The first PlayPrompt and the call to 4041 execute without problem. But when I try to PlayPrompt on the callContact the following error occurs: is not supported

The strange is that I can send DTMF tones to the callContact (SendDigits step), but when I try to use PlayPrompt or GetDigits steps on the callContact it fails.

Any clues?

thanks in advance,


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What does properties in your Call Contact Step look like?

callContact is a variable of type Call Contact. The Place Call step has the following properties:

Destination = "4010"

Timeout = 10

Call Control Group ID = 1

Call Contact = callContact (variable to place the call)

Actually, the Place Call take effect (the 4010 terminal rings), but when I pick up the phone and the next step execute (PlayPrompt) there it fires the error:

" is not supported". I must to note that the PlayPrompt step execute to the outbound call (4010) is the same I executed first in trigger contact. The first executes well but the secont (outbound call) fails.

Did you add an ID for a Dialogue group?

I am able to recreate this error message in Reactive debug. When I remove the ID in the Dialogue Group, the script will validate , but it seems to be required when doing voice,

I seem to remember a send DTMF will work without the dialogue group though....

please let me know how it goes

That's right, I did not set the dialog group. I'm going to test it on friday and post a comment.

Yes, I can send DTMF without set that parameter but both steps (PlayPrompt and GetDigits) fail. Both use PlayPrompt.

thank you for your support.


OK, I test it including a Dialog Group and it works without any problem.

Cool glad it works

I would really appreciate it if you could rate this help?


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