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Studio 11 won't restart

Rising star
Rising star

About 50% of the time when I quit Call Studio, it won't restart until I reboot. I get this error message

"Error: Could not create the JVM.  Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit."

Anyone have a work-around for this? It's a nuisance to have to reboot the VM.

I've posted a screen shot of the Eclipse info it displays - not sure it's of any use.




What are the specifications of the VM that you are using? Also what version of call studio are you using?

With the Screen shot you provided.. I saw

Xms 40m

XMx 384m

Both value should be 1024m

I'm using the defaults, which look like this:








I had set the MaxPermSize to 1024m - and that's when I ran

into the problem of Studio not restarting. When I put it back to 512m

the error went away.

But, I never did change the Xms or Xmx - should I set all 3 items to 1024m?

Studio 11.0

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I would keep the PermSize to the default level, any specific reason to increase it to 1024 ?

In the former versions of Studio, I needed to set it to 1024m so it wouldn't crash while I was writing Java to create/test new Studio elements/components.  But, it seems that in Studio11, it won't restart if it's 1024m. It does restart when I make it 512m.

Another question - when I use Studio11 to edit a Java project, and then edit a Call Studio project, I get NullPointer exceptions each time I do anything. It 'usually' stops on a restart of Studio (or a reboot) - is there a way to stop this behavior?

Couldn't reproduce in 11.5, could you check if its fixed in 11.5, is it same for 10.5 as well or issue was introduced in 11.0 only ?

I only saw this problem in 11.0 - not in 10.5

I don't have studio 11.5 installed but I'll check it when I do

eventually install 11.5


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