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Hi,Not sure if this is the right forum to ask.In 2017 we will migratie to UCCX 11.5 and we need to update some of our other software to include information that is pulled out of our CC-platform. (curently Mitel Solidus Ecare 7.01)Reading the Finesse ...

Hi All,I'm working through a requirement where I need to initiate and potentially pause a recording in MediaSense in a UCCE/Finesse environment.I understand that the Sample Call Recording gadget is UCCX only and that the UCCE Dialog doesn't support t...

Hi all,i would like to do a custom reporting on CUIC  and extract the information about the chat contact.In order to do this, i saw that there is the TextCustomerDetails table on UCCX where this information is located.The problem is that actually the...