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Supervisor can’t silent monitor an agent with Finesse

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Level 1

I have an issue where one supervisor can’t silent monitor 1 agent but can silent monitor all other agents. Also, other supervisors can silent monitor the same agent that this 1 supervisor can’t. I’ve checked the firewall, AV, phone settings, etc and nothing is standing out. I’m running uccx 12.5. Any suggestions would be helpful. 

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Any error messages? I would grab a packet capture from the host and compare it with a working one.


When you say they can't silent monitor, is it that it "works" but no audio, or that you get an error message? If an error message, you'd want to double check the UCM config (and provide the error message/screenshot here), but if it "works" but no audio, like David said you might want to engage the network team and look at it.

I am the network team too. I already did that. This supervisor can monitor all agents except this one and other supervisors can monitor this agent. It’s a one off situation and drawing blanks on why. I even recreated the agent for grins and giggles but still the same. Very odd.

The agent that can't be monitored, have you tried moving them to a different phone or device (i.e if they're Jabber, move them to a physical phone). This way you can try and trace it down to the device for instance.
Also, again what happens when they try and monitor this one agent? Error message or it "works" but is silent/one way audio?

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