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Sync Subcription for Finesse on WebPage


We are developing a CTI web client by doing integration with Finesse (REST API & XMPP) by using the strophe library which Cisco recommends 

XMPP allows 2 modes of subscription.

  • Async
  • Sync 

When we go with Async mode, UI works well, however, the sequence for events we received from finesse is not correct sometimes, for example sometimes we receive Ready event before DROPPED, which is actually wrong. 


on the other way, if we do a Sync subscription the sequence of the events is always correct however our UI gets stucks, the reason is javascript stop responding until we get a response from the server. 


Any help/recommendations  to mitigate this problem!!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



The order of the events received from Finesse is not guaranteed. So getting the READY even before the DROPPED is actually correct, assuming that the events are coming within seconds of each other. The clients using the Finesse notification should not be expecting a specific order of events. The Finesse out of the box desktop does not. The clients should be blindly updating the UI according to the events received. This is what the Finesse out of the box desktop does.




Thanks, @dekwan  for your reply. 

So if we blindly follow the events we received from the Finesse, then the UI won't behave correctly. For example, we are expecting first that call will be DROPPED and then the agent went into Ready state, and on that DROPPED event, we are doing certain things on our side and then certain checks when the agent went into Ready state. 

So if the event sequence gets incorrect this will cause a problem. 


Furthermore, what you suggest using Sync Subscription or Async Subscription on a web client, and how does Finesse Desktop is doing that. 


Many thanks for helping us out on this !!

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