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This Cisco bug summary came across my desk today and it seems both incorrect and unlikely, so I'm hoping someone with more info can clarify.Information of window.alert() and console() should be added in Finesse Developer GuideCSCvj78744Symptom:Finess...

Is there any way to get ECE email transcript? There's an API for chat transcript:

Hi Team, we have created feed and added to campaign and we were able to call POST request API with XML request that we got 201 responses which is expected one then we called http://XXXXXXXX/ccp/task/contact/contactID , for this got below responses , ...

Roy_11 by Spotlight
  • 11 replies
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Hi Team, i am developing the call studio application as per requirement, i am struggling with one scenario..the scenario is while customer press 1 for email option then we need to send a mail accordingly , how we can achieve this? could you please te...

Roy_11 by Spotlight
  • 10 replies
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HiHas anyone gotten Xmpp to work in the .NET world? What library did you use. First one I've tried is S22.xmpp which connects just fine, but I'm not getting anything in terms of messages.So if anybody tackled this particular problem, I'd love to know...

Hi Community, I'm currently checking out the new capabilities with Finesse 12.0, but I'm failing to add a custom gadget to the horizontal header. It works when it's loaded in the regular tabs. The code looks good/processed in the debugger, but the on...

Hello every one.I was trying to figure out a best way to capture the client logs, there is a standard api in the finesse library that will send the logs to the finesse server. can i call this api to send the call logs for each call, if so is there a ...

azizshaik by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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How do I get a sandbox to be able to manage MRCP v2 resources or ASR resources? Should I be able to see this from the current DEVNET labs?

frank16 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Using UCCX 11.0 and my knowledge of xml is very limited.I'm using these instructions .My Xml/gadget contains the following:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Module><ModulePrefstitle="Agent Log Report" height="300"></ModulePrefs><Content type="ur...

Hey. I'm looking to find a way to show inline images in a email in the finesse Chat and email gadget (So the agent doesn't have to open an attachment to see it)).Does anyone know if this is possible? Furthermore I will also be able to have a contact ...