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Track Menu Selection on UCCX Script


Dear NetPro gurus,

I have a working script where on a Menu prompt, my client just wants to track how many PSTN caller has press the keypad 1 on the Menu.

Is there any way i can achieve this??



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Chris Deren
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This is asked quite often here, you should be able to search the forum for some suggestions, in nutshel few options:

Here is similar thread:

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Everytime customer presses 1, you can use an "increment" step to increase an "int" variable.  Prior to your "Select Resource" step, use the "Set Enterprise Call Info" to set one of your "Call.PeripheralVariable#" to the variable value.  You can then run in historical reports a "Call Custom Variable" report that will pull at calls that have a value in that Peripheral field.

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Hi Andrew & Chris,

So would i need two variables??

One is an 'Integar' variable for incrementing, and another variable for the 'Set Enterprise Call Info' step??

For instance:-

Variable 1 - TimesPress1 (Integar)

Variable 2 - Set TimesPress1 to the value of "Call.PeripheralVariable#' by the Set Enterprise Call Info step.

Then on Historical Report, i can run the Call Custom Variable report that will report on my Variable 2 (the Call.PeripheralVariable#) value??

Am I correct??  Sorry i'm new to this so would greatly appreciate you guys help on this.



No.  Just the one variable (TimesPress1).  When you use the "increment" step , you'll use that to increment the value of the TimesPress1 variable each time a customer presses 1 in the script.  You'll then use the "Set Enterprise Call Info" step to post the TimesPress1 variable into the Enterprise call data.  I've built a very simple, high level script that shows what the call flow would look like as well as the properties for the Set Enterprise Call Info step.  Hope this helps.

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