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UCCE 8.5 on Win2008

I plan to build a new lab environment with UCCE 8.5 on Win28 but I'm a bit unclear on the path to get there. I must admit I haven't dug my heels in to deep yet so I'm just hoping someone has possibly done this recently. Question is, can I install UCCE 8.0 on Win2k8 (unsupported) and then subquently upgrade to 8.5? Will the 8.0 installer even allow this? If so, I'm golden. If not, what is the alternative? To upgrade 2003 to 2008, in place? I can't stand the thought of a Microsoft upgrade as opposed to a fresh install unless they've finally figured it out.

I'll update this thread if I find the answer in the docs.


Start with W2008 R2 64-bit SP1.

Install 8.0.1A (note the A - you must have the correct installer) which asks you where you have downloaded 8.5(2) on your hard drive at the start of the install. You must have this in place.

It will install 8.0.1A, and reboot, and start up 8.5(2) on restart, which you accept, install and reboot. Done.

You CANNOT install on 2003 then upgrade to 2008. You must run the 64-bit 2008 O/S.

We have a recent thread on some issues with a 2008 DC that covered some of this process.




Thanks Geoff. I was just coming to update the thread. I did find a note in the 8.5 BOM that made a reference to the 8.0.1a installer but that was about it. Fairly vague but you confirmed what I suspected it's intentions were. I also see that it's only supported on 64bit 2k8 so that answers that. Thanks for the input!

I also saw your thread on the DC issues. Fortunately I won't have to deal with that this time around since I will continue to leverage a 2k3 DC.

Oh, regarding the 8.0.1A media. I currently own the 8.0 and 8.5 NFR kit, however I'm assuming 8.0.1A came out after the fact. Any idea on whether or not Cisco provides any means to getting this media as an NFR customer or does this have to be ordered through the normal channels?

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