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UCCE 9.0 Personal Callback - Change Retry time

Lasse Solberg

Hi, We have a customer running UCCE 9.0 and when they have a personal callback call that fails for some reason it is rescheduled 24 hours forward in time. Is it possible to edit this so it reschedules 5-10 minutes forward in time instead?

I've tried to look at the Outbound Option documentation and see if there are any registry settings on either the campaign manager og dialer that controls this, but no luck so far.

BR Lasse

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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


did you check the PersonalCallbackTimeToRetryBusy, PersonalCallbackTimeToRetryNoAnswer etc registry settings?

Take a look at page 179 in the "Outbound Option Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Hosted Release 9.0(1)".


Hi, yes I've looked at those settings. They are on standard settings. 20 minutes for NoAnswer and 1 minute for Busy.

But those registry settings can't be set high enough to cause the call to be rescheduled 24 hours ahead.

I see the registry setting below, RescheduleCallbacks, is set to 1 to allow rescheduling to next valid time, but where is this set? Next valid time shoudn't be 24 hours later =)

Hi, forgive me asking dumb questions, but where did you get the idea about the 24 hours interval?

Also, are we talking about regular callbacks or Personal Callbacks?


Hi, there are no dumb questions =) It's not an idea, It's is what we experience when for example the call gets the status dead air when the customer is silent when answering. Then the call is rescheduled exactly 24 hours ahead in the dbo.Personal_Callback_List database table.

Hmm, that's strange.

What is the status and result of that particular call? I think I have seen this before, if for some reason an outbound attempt's result cannot be determined its status is set to U and is retried the next day. But that was with ICM 7 and I am not sure whether it applied to Personal Callbacks as well.


The status is set to P 28, so it's Pending and goes A when the timer reached CallbackDateTime the following day.

Sorry, I am afraid I cannot help you here. Did you consider talking to TAC?

Not yet, I thought I'd try this forum first =)

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