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UCCE Finesse in Chrome vs Edge - 50002 errors

Kim Nielsen
Level 1
Level 1

HI everybody,


We have a customer that is running UCCE 12.5 and we are seeing an increasing amount of 50000 - CTI failures on agentes running finesse in Google Chrome. 


When we redirect the agents to use Microsoft Edge, then we are getting almost unanimous replies back that finesse is running more smoothly in Edge.


In ealier posts i have seen that Chrome is powerhandling tabs that is not in focus to try and limit battery and cpu usage.

And i can see that from version 86, it has this background tab throttling. 

Background tab throttling

In the past, your browser tabs would continue to suck up RAM and resources until you closed them. With Chrome 86, they will now be throttled to a max of 1% CPU usage after they’ve been inactive for 5 minutes. You can ‘wake up’ tabs and dedicate more RAM to them once you click on them. They will automatically be allowed to ‘wake up’ once per minute in the background to check for updates.


In earlier version of chrome there was an option that you could enable/disable background throttling, but i cant find it in v.86.




For agent that is not only in finesse, but also in other programs, which is mostly web, we see this is getting to be a problem.


Are there others seeing this problem? Do you know how to disable this background throttling in chrome? 


We are not sure if it's the upgrade to finesse 12.5 (did that in Sep 2020), that has made finesse more receptible to this throttling, or it's that the customer have deployed chrome v.86+, but I think that it's chrome that is then main culprit. 


/Kim Nielsen




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You probably saw this post, but it looks like the commands you mentioned are slightly different than mentioned here, in case it helps you?


Chrome 67 and later do not show Live Data reports.

There is a specific Cisco cop file to fix that

I don't know anyone running email/chat in Chrome