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UCCE Managing dialing list

I'm looking for the way to:
* Remove some contacts from the dialing list, not all
* Move a contact from one campaign to another
* Search and know if a contact is already in any of the campaigns
* change a contact in on hold

I have seen post where it says that I can delete the records of the dialing list table and then restart "campaign manager" but it is not an option for my restart "campaign manager". In addition the documentation recommends not to manipulate the tables.

I have more options? as for example an API or a third party application?

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VIP Advocate

You may want to consider looking at some of the third-party applications that do more list management if you need all of these features, the ability to report on it, etc.

Hi Bill,

If you have worked on or come across any such 3rd party tools, could you please share the information.  We have started using outbound dialer recently, and may need such tools in future.

There are a number of them, a few of which are part of the Cisco solutions Plus ecosystem. The partner you're working with on your UCCE/PCCE environment should be able to assist you with this.

If you're not working with a Cisco partner, privately send me your contact information and I can see if I can have someone reach out to you.

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