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UCCE Precision Queues

Mark Applebee

I am using Precision Queue for all  call routing. For an example I have attributes English, Spanish and Sales.

I want to route thecall coming on particular option to an agent with attribute values

Spanish> 5 and Sales == true, then if no agents are available after 15 second, the call should route to

Spanish > 1 and Sales == true, then if no agents  are available after another 15 second, the call should route to

(Spanish > 1 or English >5) and Sales == true.

Can I do this using a single precision queue?

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Yes, you can.  Use 3 steps and the timers in one PQ.  It will do exactly what you're looking to do.


I was gussing that too. But I have two problems:

1. The call is not waiting for step 1 waiting time to finish when agent with attributes of step1 is  not available. Its going straight to step2 immediately even if I set a wait time on step1.

2. I can use only one type of Operator(AND or OR ) on each step. When I change the Operator for part of the expression, it is changing it for the entire expression on that step.

Do you have any idea of these?

Can you provide a screenshot of your PQ and the steps?


I may be able to help with Item 1 based on some testing I did earlier this year. In fact, I've had intentions of posting my findings and just haven't had the opportunity so for that I apologize. Are there ANY agents that are logged in that meet criteria for Step 1? Maybe someone else can test this but if memory serves correctly, any steps that don't have a 'qualified' resource logged in simply skips the step. This drove me crazy in testing until it finally dawned on me. Not sure if this is by design or not but if it is I'd like to understand why. If I say wait 15 seconds, I don't care about the condition prior. That's my thinking anyway.

I'll have to test this in the lab again, but I'm pretty sure from the documentation that the step is supposed to wait regardless.  Seems pretty silly if you ask me as skill groups have always worked that way.


Couldn't agree more! I was shocked quite frankly.  I'm definitely curious to hear your results. I thought maybe I'd find a registry flag to change this behavior but came up empty handed. Thanks David!

Here's what I've found with 9.0.3, if an agent with step 1 attributes is logged in but not ready it waits.  If agent with step 1 attributes is not logged in, it goes to the next step.  Not what I was expecting.


Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy. Maybe Mark can open a TAC case and reference this thread after he comes back to post the screenshot. Since I can't find any documentation that states it should function this way I think it's reasonable to assume a Wait step should wait, no matter if agents are logged in. To me it's a bug.

Thanks for your replies

Regarding problem 1 I am seeing the same behaviour as you. Calls going to step2 immediately only when no agent is logged in on step1.

Regarding problem 2, I have attached the screen shot. You can see only one operator can be changed in that expression and other is greyed out. The second operator will automatically change according to the first one.

Any idea whether I can use different operators within one expression?



Ok, so yeah that works the same way here.  I'm curious as to what doesn't work given the parameters.


Above precision queue is configured to queue the call to attributes Sales and Spanish for the first 15 seconds. After that I want to check the agent with English attribute also. For example after 15 second, expression should be like Sales and (English or Spanish). Is there any way I can do that?

There is a drop down next to Add Attribute, look at it and you should end up with something like this.


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