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UCCE9 real time tables not updating

Hi All,

LAB Environment

UCCE9 :- ICM9 dual sided,

              CallManager 9


issue: - Real Time tables in SQL 2008 R2 ICM9 server is not updating

I have created a new ICM 9  Lab which is working fine (agents are able to login and take calls fine) but the issue is when I tried to pull the reports from CUIC there is not data present. so I checked the real time tables in ICM 9 sql server and found that the tables are blank (no data present)

I tired to give a call to a logged in agent and can see the call is presented in script (under monitoring mode) but the same is not presented in t_Agent_Real_Time table.



VIP Advocate

You have to enable agent level reporting through the UCCE admin web page.


Hi David,

When logged on to the web admin Ucce Its asking for the deployment type. Could you please elaborate how can i achieve that. Thanks.

Mike Cairns

I just opened a TAC case on this issue.  Did you find a resolution?

Have a look at the below post, Make Sure the Agent Real time is enabled and check the SiteName

Hi Mike,

while configuring PG I used an IP address instead of Host name.

while configuring PG make sure that the "Admin & Data Server site name" you entered is a Host name of the HDS server.

Hello Sachin,

SiteName is different from Host Name. While running setup you will provide the site name. Please check the SiteName in your AW Machine, you can find in the below registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\sprt\Distributor\RealTimeDistributor\Curr


The Name you provide here and the name you configure in PG explorer should be same.



Should both the A-side and the B-side AW's be setup the same when running the websetup on the AW's?

I have 2 AW distributors:

AW1 - (SideA)

AW2 - (SideB)

Could you give me an example of how the websetup would look?  This part of the setup has always been unclear and I just want to understand it better.  I have read the documents, but I just want a concrete example.

I show 3 fields to fill out in the Web Setup:


Secondary Admin & Data Server: AW1

Primary Admin & Data Server:AW1

Primary/Secondary Pair (Site) Name:AW1


Secondary Admin & Data Server: AW2

Primary Admin & Data Server:AW2

Primary/Secondary Pair (Site) Name:AW2

My PG site name in PG config currently matches the site name in AW distributor.

Ok, I found the problem.  It was a user error for sure.  I had used the server name as the site name, but the server name only changed by one character, which made it difficult to notice when comparing the two.  I was going back through to compare the site name and finally realized my error.  The worst part is that I had three team members review it as well and we all missed the very minor difference.  Thanks for all of your help on here. 

I thought the issue might be related to our 9.0 upgrade, but it was due to the server change during the 9.0 upgrade.  We updated all of the server names and forgot to adjust the site name.  I will change the site name to AW1/2/3/etc to eliminate that confusion next time.


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