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UCCX 11.5 Prompt Management

I have a recordPrompts.aef file that I actually found on one of these forums.  I have it uploaded and all the recorded prompts for within this script.  I have a trigger set up for this script.  I am able to call it enter my pin and enter a new prompt number to record.  All of this successfully works until it gets to the part to save the new recording.  It is suppose to confirm that the prompt was saved successfully instead it goes to the Goodbye prompt and disconnects the call.  It does not upload the .wav file.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Well, there was once a time when people were running UCCX on Windows (it was actually IPCC back then), and so, if your script you found on this site is old enough, it's possible it needs to be updated to work with 11.5.

If you open the recordPrompts.aef file, do you see a step like Write Document? Or do you see any references to "C:\"?

There's also a slightly more obscure problem where the UCCX Application Administration username is the same as one from CUCM End Users, and your script is making the assumption that these are exclusive accounts.

Feel free to link to the post you found the script at, or upload the script here.

Here is the link to the thread that I found for recording prompt script.


I am also attaching the script that I am working off of.  There is no reference to Write Document or the C:\


I used to work on IPCC when it was called that. :)  This is a newer script for UCCX 10 or higher.  I am just not sure why it wont upload the new recordings or save them.

In order to upload the prompt to the repositry you must have a valid CCX administrator user ID and password.


Your Script is using an ID of: admin with a password of: cisco

This will likley need changing to your local administrator.



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