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UCCX 5.0 Script to call customer back when they are next in queue

I am running UCCX 5.0 and I would like to give a caller the option to enter their phone number, then get called back by the system when it is their turn in the queue.

How can I accomplish this through a script?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Have you downloaded any of the sample scripts?  There are a couple script repositories for you to look at.

Hello Anthony,

WOW, that was a very fast response, thank you.

Yes, I did look at the repository without any success. There is one called Set_UP_CCC_Call, but that has to do with making a conference call.

I just downloaded the 7.0 repo, and it contains 4x and 5x samples.  I looked in the 5x folder, under release 1 and found this script: voicemailQueueing.aef.  That should be close enough to steer you in the right direction.  Here's a high level of how a callback works.

1. Caller calls in and opts for a callback

2. Caller leaves callback number

3. Caller records a message

4. Caller hangs up

5. System queues a new call on their behalf (loses place in line)

6. New call gets answered by Agent who sees the callback number and hears the callback message

7. Agent calls the caller back.

Hi Anthony,

I did see that script in the repository. So, is there no way to automate the callback?

I have called into other call centers where I am given a choice of staying on the line or getting a callback without losing my place in line. So has my boss and he would like to offer this to our call centers.

Thanks again.

Automation:  Which portion would you like to automate, that is not already automatic?

Position saving:  Only the very best contact center engineers can develop a solution to do that.  Once you figure out how, you guard the secret very closely.

Warren Chang

Hi Tim,

           I think you could do the following set up a dialer campaign and add all the agents that want to handle those call backs to that campaign. From the IVR script that is scheduling or offering the call back either insert the data directly to the table for that campaign or you could have the IVR screate a file for the campaign to import on a specifc interval. I do not think though with this method if you will be able to still have the customer leave a greeting for the agent to hear prior to the dialer calling the customer.

I hope this helps Tim

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the input. Will callers keep their place in the queue using this method?

Also, I found another script in the repository called BaseLineAdvQueuing (\CCX 5.0\release3\BaseLineAdvQueuing\). This looks like it may do what I need (with some extra features).

I would greatly appreciate if someone, with a better understanding of scripting than me, could take a look and confirm if my assumption is correct.

Again, thank you to all the contributors in these forums for sharing their vast knowledge with the rest of us.


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