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UCCX 8 - High abandoned calls

Henry Pugsley
Level 1
Level 1

I have a CCX 8.0.2 cluster which runs a few dozen contact center applications.  One of the applications receives 2000-5000 calls a day, and the abandoned call rate is 2-3 times higher than the handled call rate.  I believe this to be a staffing/training issue with the agents, or people simply hanging up, but I want to make sure that there isn't anything in CCX or my scripts that may be causing this to happen.

I believe this is a remote hangup (correct me if I'm wrong), but it is a small percentage of the abandons:

7693445: Aug 04 15:24:59.629 CDT  %MIVR-LIB_EVENT-5-TOO_LONG_IN_QUEUE:Event queue time exceeded:[CALL_DISCONNECTED,state=CALL_DISCONNECTED,isRemote=true,task=AppTask[id=0x6495378ee,time=1312486857902,state=ABORTED,  Contact id: 9095, Contact terminated  remotely,active=false,  Contact id: 9095, Contact terminated remotely

A majority of them look like this though:

7689078: Aug 04 15:24:18.127 CDT %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:Call.abandoned() JTAPICallContact[id=9638,implId=75041/2,state=STATE_ABANDONED_IDX,inbound=true,App name=DistrictFA,task=27000011596,session=43000018167,seq num=0,cn=0831,dn=0831,cgn=2143755119,ani=null,dnis=null,clid=null,atype=DIRECT,lrd=null,ocn=0831,route=RP[num=0831],OrigProtocolCallRef=null,DestProtocolCallRef=null,TP=8998999088]

7689462: Aug 04 15:24:23.949 CDT %MIVR-LIB_EVENT-5-TOO_LONG_IN_QUEUE:Event queue time exceeded:[CALL_DISCONNECTED,state=CALL_DISCONNECTED,isRemote=true,task=AppTask[id=0x649537b4c,time=1312489405579,state=ABORTED, Contact id: 9638, Channel id: 250, Contact is in Terminated/Connected state,active=false, Contact id: 9638, Channel id: 250, Contact is in Terminated/Connected state

(Full trace attached)

I *think* I've caught all of the places where a call can be abandoned; all redirects/transfers make the contact "handled" if they succeed, as well as the "Connected" step when calls are sent to agents.  The bottom of the script also marks calls as handled just before they are terminated, in the event that someone just waits through the whole menu until the script hangs up.  Anything else I should be looking for in traces and scripts to explain such a high number of abandons?

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Andrew Skelly
Level 7
Level 7

What's your average time to abandon in this script vs other scripts?

What number do you dial to reach this script vs others?  Is there another number out there similar to this that people may be misdialing?

Have you run a reactive debug on the script, testing out every single possible menu choice (or failure to choose) for each menu step to ensure that there are no gaps?

In your Select Resource step, under the Queued substep, what happens there?  Are you placing the call on hold or playing a music prompt?  What happens when the hold time ends or the music prompt stops?  There should be a Goto step that sends that call back up in the script to cycle back through the Select Resource step (or whatever you want it to do).

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Looking through the CCDR report, the abandon times seem to be pretty evenly distributed from 1 minute to 1 hour, so from there it looks like people just getting impatient and hanging up.  We did have an issue last week where an MTP shortage was causing calls to drop between hold/prompt transitions but that was corrected.  I've also noticed while looking at the supervisor real-time stats, the agent "Ready Time" is never more than 1 second.

The DID for this application is pretty new and not adjacent to any other DIDs that are being used, so misdials are unlikely.

The Select Resource looks like this:

Select Resource (MainContact from StrCSQ)

- Connected

- - Set Contact Info (MainContact, handled)

- - Goto End

- Queued

- - Label: QueueTop

- - Menu (MainContact, Prompt)

- - Call Hold / Delay 30 sec / Call Unhold

- - Menu (MainContact, Prompt)

- - Call Hold / Delay 30 sec / Call Unhold

- - Goto QueueTop

I don't send the call back above the Select Resource step because I am using the "connect" option on Select Resource to send it to the agent right away.  Afaik, you only have to do this if you do not connect immediately.  I have tested this loop many times and appears to be working properly.  I can sanitize and upload the script if you want to take a closer look at it.

Level 1
Level 1

could also run the Historical report Detailed call bay call CCDR report and Abandoned call report for the same time period that will help us to take a look at the all call in the MIVR logs.

based upon the logs this looks like the normal abandoned call, like Andrew is staing we need to take a look at you script logic too.

Thank you


Let me take a step back before looking at the script.  The queue is taking 2-5k calls a day and you are abandoning 2x as many calls as you handle, correct?

What is the staffing level like?  How many calls is each agent taking?  Have you looked at the Agent State Summary report for the agents in that queue to see how much time they are spending in Ready, Not Ready, Talk, etc and their percentages based against their logged in time?

Like you said initially, this could be a staffing or training issue and the script could be fine.

Also take a look and see at what time of day your abandons (and I assume SL%) take a hit and compare that to staffing.  Is there a high amount of agents or break or lunch or do you just get high call volume then?

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