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Hi to all,I'm experiencing CSCtd27410 bug in UCCE 7.2(7) environment (the last version for 7.2). Customer doesn't want to install now the minimal version thas resolves the bug, that is 7.5(8).I'am wondering if there is an ES for 7.2(7) UCCE version. ...

I have to reinstall our ICM 5 SR13 SideA Server. This server holds Router, Logger, PG and CTIOS. After reinstallation PG´s JTAPIGW process do not come up (do not even open jtapigw window). No log is generated in ems (trace is on).I have already check...

buenoecp by Level 1
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I have configured supervisor monitoring via a seperate call in trigger however the supervisor does not get audio when monitoring all agents.  The call will connect and stay connected until the agent ends their call, so it is recognizing the call, but...

dnmosier7 by Level 1
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Hi, all. Does UCCX have call manager call ID stored somewhere? We're trying to associate the UCCX call record with Calabrio QM call record and it seems that the QM only has the call manager call ID while UCCX has a session ID. Does anyone know how UC...

fzhang by Level 1
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Hello,I'm quite new with uccx. &I need some info about uccx 8.5.1 ivr-based outbound compaign.1) When trying to create a new outbound ivr-based compaign, at some moment we have to enter the application trigger. That means that there a script whi gonn...

tka by Level 1
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I created a lab environment to demonstrate UCCE solution.My customer requested me to provide on call-by-call basis all calls that was abandoned in queue. So, how can I query ICM Database in order to find that information?     Based on Database Schema...