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UCCX 8 license expiration?

I just rebooted my single ccx 8.01 Premium server because the repository was unavailable and unable to start. It rebooted and now the repository is available.  However, now everytime I login I get a message that my license grace period of 30 days is expiring.  This server was upgraded to v8 last april/may, so I am far beyond a temp license.  I don't understand why it wants to expire now, no license mac channges that I know of, only the reboot is suspect.

If you go to the System-Licensing-Display License page, it displays nothing about my license being a temp or ready to expire.  And the CLI show uccx license looks normal too.  Wouldn't this tell me if I was expiring due to the License Mac change?


admin:show uccx license
Configured Licenses:

Package: Cisco Unified CCX Premium
IVR Port(s): 80
Cisco Unified CCX Premium Seat(s): 40
High Availability : Enabled
Cisco Unified CCX Preview Outbound Dialer: Enabled
Cisco Unified CCX Maximum Agents: 300

Command successful.


Anyone know if this is a cosmetic bug?  Considering upgrading to 8.02 or 8.5 to try and shake it.

Anyone know how to find the applied .lic files on a Appliance based UCCX?  In CUCM its "file list license *".  No files shown when I try that on UCCX.

All components are in service and everything is working.  Just a dramatic pop up that tells me I am expiring when I shouldn't be.

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Cisco Employee

Re: UCCX 8 license expiration?

This issue is usually because, at on time there was a temp license upload to this system. You may need to remove this license through CET tool. Cisco Technical support team can help you get in this tool and remove this license via CET tool.


Re: UCCX 8 license expiration?

It turns out it was a license MAC change, and there is really no indication in the licensing of what is wrong.  Simply an expiration pop up, but no indication of the reason.  And apparently it doesn't check this constantly, maybe only after a reboot.


Re: UCCX 8 license expiration?

I have also run into this problem when there is an expired temp license still in the system.  Unfortunately you have to open a TAC case to remove old licenses, CET is a locked down tool now.

Expired licenses should go away or somehow allow removal.


Re: UCCX 8 license expiration?

After I rebooted UCCX 8.0 server (with Premium Licenses) ; I got the same issue as you. Even though none of the parameters for the License MAC  had changed which is really annoying.

Has anybody come across this issue in 8.5?

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