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UCCX merge 2 UCCX servers

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to merge 2 UCCX servers

Obviously I can copy all parts across manually but I was wondering if there could be a better way to do this for larger systems thet need to be merged?

Thanks for any advice.


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UCCX merge 2 UCCX servers

Your only option is to manually copy the scripts/apps/prompts/skills/CSQs/teams/resource groups/etc. There is no documented process to merge the databases and all of the historical reporting data sadly.

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UCCX merge 2 UCCX servers

Thanks Jonathan for the responce.

I sort of presume thats the way I will need to do it but was hoping that I might beable to merge the Databases and ensure the scripts and prompts etc are in the correct location.

I am infact Being told to Upgrade 2 HA setups, from 7 - 8.5, move them to a different country and merge to one HA setup.

I was hoping to beable to merge the 2 PUT Tar files from the upgrade. I doubt this is going to be simple.

Thanks anyway. If anyone has some suggestions for the merge part of this. I will stage the upgrades and servre moves. It is just the merge that concerns me.




UCCX merge 2 UCCX servers


As Jonathan says, you'll need to merge the config manually.

The Historical data will be a problem - you won't be able to merge that into a single new cluster.

Find out if historical data is important to the customer. It might not be, or they may be willing to lose the data from one clsuter. If that's the case you can use the upgrade tool to upgrade the clsuter that has the important HR data, and then merge the config in from the other system.

If they need to keep the data from both, then you have a few options:

1) Change the plan and maintain two seperate clusters, each upgraded with the upgrade tool.

2) Export the data from one or both clusters to a seperate database server. You would then need to come up with some way of reporting on that data....



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UCCX merge 2 UCCX servers

Hi Aaron

Thanks very much for that. I had not thought about reporting and this could be a factor.

I need to go to the customer

Thanks again


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