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Ask Me Anything - October 2020


UCCX Migration assistance

Thanks in advance for reading,


Here is what I have


UCCX1: Single Server 10.x UCCX Server with 16 Agent licenses, no software upgrade license

 - 2 production ACDs connected to a CUCM Cluster1


UCCX2: Single Server 11.x UCCX Server with 10 Agent licenses, covered under maintenance

- No longer in production, connected to CUCM Cluster2

- HA not configured, but I believe it is allowed in licensing: INCREMENT CRS_EXP_PRE_WARM_STBY


Available Licensing: 10 Seats Premium for 11.x (unused PAK)


What I would like to achieve


HA Cluster running 11.x

Jabber Multi-line (12.x) enabled ACD Agents (who may also use phones)

Cisco Finesse for Call Management.

Running on Cluster1 Environment

All Available licensing on one UCCX cluster


Ideas I have had


Idea 1: Shutdown the 11.x server (UCCX2) and migrate it to Cluster1 hardware, reformat (is this even possible?) and connect to CUCM Cluster1, Add HA Node from scratch, migrate applications


Idea 2: Upgrade 10.x (UCCX1) version to 11.x (Costs money through Cisco PUT), find a way to go to HA, rehost 11.x licenses (From UCCX2) add 10 user 11.x licenses that are available (Unused PAK).


I am open to ideas and suggestions the community at large may have.










VIP Mentor

There was a recent forum discussion on moving a UCCX system from one CUCM to another.


Turns out this is not supported.


So, I would say, upgrade the 10x, and rehost your 11.x license from the other system.  Adding HA at that point should be easy.  Also, I don't think it will cost you any money.  The 11.x upgrade ISO is available on CCO without using PUT, and you're going to be using the maintenance covered license from 11.x at the end of the day.  Now, you'll likely just lose your 10.x licenses, but that's probably not a worry.


As for those extra 10 premium seats on 11.x, is your existing 11.x cluster premium now?  If so, you should get those added to it first, then upgrade 10.x to 11.x, then rehost all 20 seats plus your warm standby to the new MAC.


This is all theory, as I've never done what you're doing, and I'm not sure many people have.  Sounds correct though.


Thanks for the response Anthony, I know its kind of a rare activity, just trying to ferret out whether or not this is a worthwhile endeavor...




Sure thing. I'd be curious to know what route you take. Good luck!


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Anthony: Hello BradleyWegner-BW!  I see that you are looking for assistance with UCCX Migration assistance S.  How can I help you?



 EDIT: I see that this post was a mistake, and that you have the real post here:

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