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UCCX Skills based routing question



I need some advise in the design for UCCX skill based routing. We have 2 different sets of agents with different skill levels. For example, Agents 1-5 have Skill A competency level of 8 and Agents 6-10 have Skill A competency level of 5. The agent selection criteria is Most Skilled Based routing. So by default when the call comes, it will go to Agents 1-5 and if those agents are busy, it will go to Agents 6-10. The requirement is that if Agents 1-5 are busy and 6th call comes in, it should wait in the queue for 5min for one of those 1-5 Agents to become available and if they are still busy after 5min, then it should go to Agents 6-10. Is it possible to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,


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The agent has multiable skills and it was more for managment. In supervisor you can only manage a agent in one team even if that agent has many skills.

That is not a correct statement, an agent can belong to one team, but a supervisor can be assigned to multiple teams.

Yes that is what I ment but you can only see the agent in the one team they are assigned even if the agent has many skills you can only manager that agent in the team she is in. I am have a have time explaining this.

Hello Vikas;

I am trying to do the same design for UCCX skill based routing that you had. We have 2 different sets of agents with different skill levels.  Basically the same thing that you have in your example.   I'm new to this program. I'm trying to follow your suggestions but I have trouble understanding. Do you mind to share your script? 


Thanks in advance,



Hi Vikas,

In UCCX, achieving the specific routing scenario you described is possible. You can configure skill-based routing with different competency levels for your agents. By setting the agent selection criteria to "Most Skilled," calls will be directed to the most skilled available agents.

To meet your requirement, you can set up a Skill - based queue with a wait time of 5 minutes for calls that initially reach the queue but can't be answered by Agents 1-5. If after 5 minutes none of the agents become available, the call can be routed to Agents 6-10.

You would need to configure appropriate skills and competency levels for each agent and set up the queue with the desired wait time. Additionally, make sure you have the necessary UCCX licensing to support this functionality.

For detailed instructions and assistance with the configuration, I recommend reaching out to the official support channels for UCCX or referring to the documentation provided by the vendor.

Hope this helps!

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