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I have a requirement to get updated call data from CVP to Finesse. I conference the CVP Script into a finesse session so the caller can record a consent message. The CVP then updates a call variable with the outcome of the recording.

Finesse does not get a notification of the updated Call Variable. I tried using the UPDATE_CALL_VARIABLE API from inside the Finesse Client using makerequest() Http Call. It does update the PV in ICM but it does not trigger the update notification even though  API Guide says it should. If I do API Call from external source it does cause the client to get a push notification from Finesse. Is there any way from inside the finesse client to force server to send notifacation containing the current values of all the Call Variables.

An easy way would be to use CVP to make the API call but I am using SSO and the bearer token is to long so I cant pass it to CVP from Finesse. 


Anyone with any ideas.

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This isn't quite what you're looking to do, but you may find the discussion helpful, since it sounds somewhat similar to your situation?

Thanks for the response. Issue isn't with the API call itself, That works just fine. Problem is if the call variable is changed outside of Finesse or from within the client using MakeRequest or some of other process it does not trigger the Update Notification from the Finesse server to the Finesse client. So the client never see's the change. If I do CallVars = dialog.getMediaProperties() it still shows the old dialog properties and not the updates Variable data. 

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