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Joseph Chirayath

Upgradation From CRS 4.0(4) to IPCC 8.5.1

I am recently engaged with upgrading CRS 4.0(4) to IPCC (Contact Center Express) 8.5.1. I understand that it is a step by step Installation. Can someone please advise me with the correct upgrade path with the correspoding tools and considerations that needs to be followed.

Thank you.


Hi Joseph,


DMT (Data Migration Tool) supports the backup process on a system running CRS 4.0(5/5a) and its services releases (SR1 and SR2) including ES releases, if any.

So please bring your exisitng version to CRS 4.0(5) and use the below procedure to upgrade it to UCCX 7.0(1).

For downloading the DMT tool use the below link,


Also make sure that you have the supported hardware for the UCCX versions for the upgraded versions.

Note: Also note that you need to upgrade the CUCM to the compatible versions wrt to UCCX versions. Make sure to have the UCCX licenses , for that you can contact for further details.


From UCCX 7.0(1) after successful restore from the DMT tool, you need to upgrade this setup to UCCX 7.0(1) SR5,

For release notes,

For UCCX 7.0(1) SR5 software refer the below link,


So from here you can use the Windows to Linux upgrade path

Unified CCX 8.5(1) offers a direct solution for Cisco Unified CCX 7.0(1) SR5, using the Windows to Linux upgrade path

For procedure:

For software:


Hope this helps.


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I would offer a much lower tech solution to your problem. Obviously there will have to be significant changes to the call processing servers to support the new UCCX installation. I would suggest that you bring up the new environment in parallel with the old. Build the new server as a new installation integrated with the new cluster, and then manually bring the configuration over. That is certainly not a sexy way to do it, but you will have to make changes to your scripts if there are any access requests made to the local file system. You will have to manually bring over any data sources (if premium). Considering how many hoops you have to jump through to upgrade UCCX which imply a bunch of simultaneous upgrades to your CCM cluster, just building the new server and moving the configuration seems less perilous to me. I am in the midst of doing a UCCX 5.X -> 8.5 migration now and I am successfully employing the technique I described.


Thank you for your reply, I am currently building a fresh IPCC cluster parallely and uploading the scripts and prompts manually.

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