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Upgrade windows server 2016 to 2019 and SQL in PCCE 12.6

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Hi All

currently, I have PCCE version 12.6 running Windows version 2016 and SQL 2017 and want to plan an upgrade as the compatible matrix to Windows Server 2019 and SQL 2019. 

the question is there a documentation step for upgrading OS and SQL in PCCE 12.6 or I can direct upgrade in the same VM like the upgrade step from PCCE 11.6 to 12.0 (this step has upgraded OS and SQL also from 2012 to 2016)

if anyone has some experience or has documentation please let me know in this discussion.

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There is no Cisco published docs on this but should be simple these days.

windows upgrade - How to upgrade Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019 | LAB.DEMO (

SQL - Upgrade SQL Server - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

Always take backup both at application level and at the ESXi level.



Hi @senthilnatarajan 

do you mean we can directly upgrade for OS and SQL on the same VM as on this document?

after upgrade we must run EDMT tools as well?


Thanks for forwarding the Cisco documentation link. 

As for EDMT, please check the readme of the tool Per the 12.6.1 upgrade guide, i do see a reference of it.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 12.6(2) - Upgrade Overview [Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise] - Cisco



in the document upgrade overview is not state-specific we must run EDMT tools after upgrading the OS and SQL so that why we ask whether this step must be run or not,

I think we can open a new case with to cisco ask regarding this step if I have some feedback I can update in this discussion.


Since you are upgrading the SQL version. You must run the EDMT before upgrading the ICM version. Otherwise, you will receive an error during the ICM upgrade.


Before upgrading OS, SQL and Application follow the high-level checklist.

  • Configuration backup
  • VM snapshot
  • Make sure all the Smart licenses are in place
  • Aware of the certificate exchange process for CCE
  • Plan no of the upgrade maintenance window.
  • Plan for service downtime during Switching to the new version.
  • Upgrade OS
  • Upgrade SQL
  • Run EDMT to the latest version.
  • Upgrade application.
  • Verify the Version and services.
  • Test call
  • Enjoy with new version and features.

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Hi @Ramamoorthy Shanmugam 

thank you for your sharing but this discussion just only for upgrading OS and SQL so do you have experience with that?
currently my version 12.6(1) so I think we must upgrade to ES6 first after that we can upgrade the OS and SQL 2019 as reference this document