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Matthew Martin

User has Issues Getting on CUIC

Hello All,


UCCX: 10.6(2)


One of our users who runs reports is having an issue loading CUIC after he logs in.


After this user logs into CUIC, he is able to see the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the page. But, in the middle pane he sees the message:


The webpage at https://uccx:8444/cuic/Welcome.htmx might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. 

He tried this in Chrome, IE and Firefox. But, says he gets the same message in all those browsers.


When I login with his user-id and password on my PC I am able to see it no problem in all 3 of those browsers.


Any idea what this could be?


Thanks in Advance,


VIP Engager

Could it be a DNS issue? Try adding a hosts file with the ip and hostname of your UCCX server to validate if it's DNS.



Hi David, thanks for the reply.

He's actually using the IP Address and not the hostname.


Doesn't matter, maybe there's a redirect to the hostname. Try it and let me know.



Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Did you mean 10.6(1)? I don't think is there a 10.6(2) version.

Perhaps it's a browser version/setting issue? Also, Chrome isn't supported. Have you reviewed this document:

Apologies, yes, version is

Yes, I read the document. And it does the same thing in IE 11 that it does in Firefox and Chrome. Mentioned this in OP.


How is his computer connected to the network? Maybe his connection drops?

They are wired into the network. Don't think its dropping as its consistently doing this. However I have some new info.


I was actually able to go to their PC today to check it out... After they're logged in the "Overview" tab displayed in the main portion appears to be the ONLY one that displays this warning/error message. They are actually able to click on the reports menu on the left-side and run any report they want.


So it appears the only issue is displaying that Welcome.htmx page which I'm assuming is that first "Overview" tab that you see after logging in. And, since he's the only one with this "problem", but he can still run reports, I'm not really worried about it now.


Thanks everybody who replied, very much appreciated!



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